We often hear businesses claim that their goal is to exceed customer expectations. In reality, most of us would be content if these businesses simply delivered on their promises, let alone exceeded them.

Businesses can claim they want to get closer to customers and they can claim to actually care about their customers.

However, talk is cheap.

Actions speak louder than words

Some of these organizations fall victim to the deception of social media. They try to engage with customers on social media to create the impression that they are a social brand. They view the number of fans and followers they have as social proof for being on the right track on their noble journey to reunite with customers.

But, it’s interesting what happens when a customer asks a question or complains about a recent experience. Is the organization able to help that person? Or are they so fixated on boosting the numbers and appearing to be social, that helping customers becomes an afterthought?

Poor Customer Service

This is the equivalent of looking your customers in the eyes while they are expressing their frustrations, nodding your head in agreement and then doing absolutely nothing about it.


Simply engaging with customers over Facebook and Twitter is not necessarily what the Social Consumer wants from their relationship with you. This is not the reason why they have connected with you on social media.

So what are they looking for?

At a basic level, customers want to feel like businesses actually care about them. However, there is so much more value in a business that actually makes their customers feel empowered!

I recently explored this topic and wrote a post titled The Newest Member of your Advisory Board: The Social Customer over at Social Business News.

Let me know what you think.