As customers dynamically shift between their laptops, smartphones and tablets, they interact with brands via various social networking sites and apps.

They consume, create and transmit a large amount of data. However, this data is highly unstructured and cannot be analysed by traditional measurement models. As a result, we must evolve our measurement approach to make sense of these new forms of data.


Introducing Crowdbabble

This is where Crowdbabble comes in. Crowdbabble helps marketers and social media professionals to analyze and measure social media performance.

Crowdbabble Logo

Previously, you had to be a hardcore data analyst to make sense of the information on the social web. Social media analysis was time consuming, aggravating and downright frustrating. Even after all this, you still may not have been able to extract the insights you needed to evaluate your social media performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

At Logicks, our social media team had to regularly analyze the social media performance of our clients. We generated daily, weekly, monthly and adhoc reports for clients. We had first-hand experience and understood the frustrations. We felt the pain of social media analysis and measurement.

So we introduced Crowdbabble. Crowdbabble makes social media analytics and measurement simple, easy and fun!

Crowdbabble Beta

Crowdbabble is not yet open to the public. If you would like to request early access before we launch, please visit the site and request an invite. We would love to get your feedback.