Steve Jobs, the creative genius and industry icon, has passed away at the age of 56.

Many of us had a feeling this was coming as he had been battling pancreatic cancer for the better part of the last decade. His multiple leaves of absence over the past couple years, followed by his eventual resignation as CEO in August were clear indicators that his health was deteriorating.

Nonetheless, this is the end of an era.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

While Steve brought a lot to the table, here are the 5 things that I will miss the most about him.

1) An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not born successful. They have to pass through the entrepreneurial rite of passage. Most entrepreneurs don’t succeed on the first attempt. But as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.

Steve was a college dropout. He had to sleep on friends’ couches and floors and go to a nearby temple to get free food.

After a major power struggle, Steve was fired by Apple, the company he founded. Ironically, he then started another company which was eventually bought out by Apple.

Everything that happens in life can be viewed from a positive frame of mind. Steve used these failures for fuel and motivation, and look where it took him.

2) A Visionary

A master of innovation, Steve had the ability to foresee paradigm shifts in human behaviour.

From the way we download music to the way we swipe our fingers across our phones, it is nothing short of amazing to see the impact he had on us.

3) A Captivating Speaker

With his unique speaking style and signature black turtle neck, Steve owned the stage anytime he presented. In a world where most professional business speeches are formal, packed with data, and just plain boring, Steve’s informal, conversational style was a breath of fresh air.

He used simple yet elegant slides that were flawlesly synced with his delivery. He didn’t get overly wordy and kept it simple. As a professional speaker myself, I have learned a great deal about speaking and presenting from watching the man do his thing on stage.

4) A Master Marketer

Steve made it cool to be a nerd. That’s something Bill Gates could never do.

This is what set him apart from most of the competitors in the tech industry. Steve realized that for the average person, technology is all about people, emotions and human behaviour. It’s not about processor power or gigabytes. For this reason, Apple has more brand advocates than any other brand I can think of. We have become Apple’s marketing team!

5) A Passionate Person

You could argue that the previous 4 things that I’ve mentioned are all driven by this one.

Passion enabled Steve to cut through all the clutter and connect with his audiences and customers on a personal level. His determination to leave his footprint on the technology game is what drove him.

Steve Jobs was on a mission. And this mission still lives on through the Apple brand and die-hard Apple advocates across the globe.

This tweet from Michael Myers sums it up perfectly -> Steve Jobs isn’t really gone – he’s just moved to the cloud.

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