The goal is NOT to develop a strategy for social media.

The goal is to develop a business strategy that is social.

I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation this past weekend about how to develop such a strategy at “Think Social”, a Social Media Club Conference in Bahrain organized by Social Media Club Bahrain.

Social Media Club is the world’s largest professional social media association consisting of 300+ chapters and 100,000+ social media professionals. It’s a great community with a lot of very smart people, so naturally I was quite thrilled and nervous to be speaking in front of so many social media enthusiasts!

A Business Strategy that is Social

The underlying theme of the presentation was that we must start leveraging social media across the organization, rather than limiting it to just the marketing department. This holistic approach to social media opens up new opportunities and significantly mitigates the risk that social media presents to businesses.

The presentation also focused on the emergence of The Social Consumer as well as the concept of The Social Business.

Although the conference was streamed live by the Bahrain News Agency, I have shared the presentation below for anybody who was not able to catch it.