Social Media ROI: Measureable or Myth?

As customers dynamically shift between their laptops, smartphones and tablets, they access a range of various websites and apps which collect and transmit a large amount of data. This data is highly unstructured and cannot be assessed by traditional measurement models. As a result, we must evolve our measurement approach to make sense of these [...]

Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy

On November 28, 2011, in Business, Marketing, Middle East, Social Business, Social Consumer, Social Media, strategy, by Abbas Alidina

The goal is NOT to develop a strategy for social media. The goal is to develop a business strategy that is social. I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation this past weekend about how to develop such a strategy at “Think Social”, a Social Media Club Conference in Bahrain organized by Social Media Club [...]

Conquering the Social Media Marketing Deception

On October 23, 2011, in Business, Marketing, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

While exploring the difference between Social Media and Social Business, I realized that Social Business is a natural progression of Social Media. However, one of the biggest roadblocks on the path towards achieving a Social Business is that most organizations are built as disparate departments that operate within their own silos, completely sheltered from the [...]

Ode to Steve Jobs: 5 Things That We Will Miss

On October 5, 2011, in Apple, Business, Marketing, Speaking, by Abbas Alidina

Steve Jobs, the creative genius and industry icon, has passed away at the age of 56. Many of us had a feeling this was coming as he had been battling pancreatic cancer for the better part of the last decade. His multiple leaves of absence over the past couple years, followed by his eventual resignation [...]

The Social Media Gold Rush

On August 22, 2011, in Business, Dubai, Marketing, Middle East, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

Companies in the Middle East & North Africa are increasing their digital budgets by an average of 28% (according to Econsultancy). This is a good thing right? This should be a great sign for digital marketers and social media folks. Quite tweet-worthy. Upon taking a closer look, things are not as rosy as they may [...]

The Customer Engagement Cycle

On July 7, 2011, in Business, Marketing, Social Business, Social Consumer, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

Today’s customers are more connected than ever before. They also have multiple touch points with your brand: your website, retail stores, call centers, social media, television ads and mobile applications just to name a few. The stages that customers and prospects pass through as they experience your brand is illustrated in the Customer Engagement Cycle. [...]

Social Media vs. Social Business: What is the Difference?

On May 29, 2011, in Business, Marketing, Social Business, Social Consumer, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

Everyone’s still talking about Social Media these days. Businesses are promoting their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts at every opportunity. The number of social media experts, consultants, gurus and ninjas still seems to be increasing daily. But how often do you hear people talking about Social Business? A Google Trend Comparison of Social Media and [...]

Google +1: Google’s Social Search to Compete Against the Facebook Like Button

On April 2, 2011, in Facebook, Google, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

Google just launched Google +1 to improve the search results we see by making them more relevant to us based on the recommendations of other people. Google +1 is currently in beta mode and has not yet been officially released. If you feel like exploring, head over to Google Experimental Labs and take +1 for [...]

Media Fragmentation and Cultural Diversity in the UAE

On March 26, 2011, in Dubai, Marketing, Middle East, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

Marketing has become quite challenging. We not only have to reach offline and online consumers, but now we also have to target social consumers. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we have another significant challenge: a high degree of media fragmentation. The UAE is blessed with a beautiful diversity of people from all over the [...]

Introducing The Social Consumer

On February 21, 2011, in Marketing, Social Consumer, Social Media, by Abbas Alidina

The shift in the media landscape has changed the way we make purchasing decisions. Social Media has given birth to a new breed of customer: The Social Consumer. Marketing to social consumers requires a fundamentally different approach from that of traditional marketing. Businesses that understand and adapt to these changes in the marketplace will be [...]