There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs no longer need deep pockets to market themselves to global audiences. The tools and technologies that have sprung up over the past 5 years have enabled bootstapped entrepreneurs and small businesses to promote themselves effectively with minimal expenses.

Social Media has leveled the playing field because it knocks down the barriers that previously existed. We are able to connect with other people regardless of their location, time zone, religion, age, culture, etc. We now dynamically connect with others based on our shared goals, interests and needs.

Today, I will be speaking at the Celebration of Entrepreneurship (COE) event in Dubai, UAE. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, my presentation is titled “11 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Facebook”.

This event is an initiative of WAMDA, who’s mandate is to “inspire, empower and connect entrepreneurs”. Wamda is backed by Abraaj Capital and has recently burst onto the scene here in Dubai. They are providing a much needed regional home base and support network to encourage entrepreneurship across the Middle East.